Meet the coolest guy in electronic dance music world…Afrojack

Afrojack is one of the most popular names in the electronic dance music in the world. He is not even 30, but he has already won a Grammy for his work and is a real icon in the dance scene.

He was named the 7th highest paid DJ in the world and they even named his a worldwide idol that is yet set to seize the day and become the world’s greatest DJ. He is so talented that he is able to write and produce tracks as well as do remixes for the world’s greatest artists. He is known for his collaborations with Madonna and Beyonce and all these artists enjoy working with him because he is capable of mixing different genres and taking risks with the new sounds.

He was born in the Netherlands in 1987. He is of Surinamese descent and came from a single-parent household. Shortly after he left school, he started working as a DJ and a producer. He started off in his hometown and became a household name in the Netherlands soon after. He literally exploded on the scene with his track Take Over Control in 2011. It was an enormous hit in the whole world. After that, he started his own label called Wall Recordings. He wanted to create a label which would give new chances to electronic dance music performers worldwide. He was also the firt DJ to perform regularly in Las Vegas. This was a deal that was only previously available to pop artists like Celine Dion or Britney Spears.

But, this was only a beginning of his great success. He started making club tracks with David Guetta (they wrote the hit Titanium in collaboration with Sia). Afrojack also started writing for performers like Chris Brown, Madonna and Pitbull. The track Give Me Everything was number one in the US. His remix for Collide by Leona Lewis was nominated for a Grammy. In 2012, he performed at the Electric Daisy Carnival in New York and Las Vegas, Ultra Music Festival in Miami (also will perform at Ultra Europe 2016 in Split Croatia), Tomorrowland in Belgium and Coachella in Loas Angeles.

2013 started with him exclusively signing to Island Def Jam, Universal Music Group and the Island UK. This meant that his talent was widely recognized and appreciated by the famous music label. Their first project was the single called The Spark.

This track combined electronic dance music with pop music and created a new sound for him. This was a very successful year for Afrojack. Again, he performed at Creamfields, the Ultra Music Festival and Tomorrow World. He also shot a web series by the name March of the Afrojack. This was a chance for the fans to get to know the real Afrojack. This was also the same year that he was chosen to close the NASDAQ Stock Exchange in New York.

He was the first DJ ever to do this. And maybe most importantly, 2013 is also the year that he got his own star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame and that strengthened his position as a worldwide music idol.

Afrojack is basically so popular that is is no wonder big brands come to him and ask for partnerships. He signed a contract with a fashion label and will have his own line of clothing. He is also one of the consultants of the gaming company Razer where he will be one of the major players in the development of products to come.

His song Ten Feet Tall was used in a commercial for Bud Light and was premiered during the Superbowl, one of the most watched events in the world.

He has built a reputation and is very well recognized for his influence on making new music and new sounds.

He is capable of doing anything he sets his mind to, and that is what draws people and brands to him. There is no stopping him in whatever he chooses to do.


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